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Changing from Jade Glasses to Rose-Colored

How do you see the world?

Is life a bowl of cherries or is it the pits?

Your world view colors your online dating experience and (sadly) it often colors your profile.

What color are you showing the world?

How is it affecting your search for love?

The Jaded Lens


  • “I’ll never find anyone.”
  • “Online dating is for losers who can’t get dates the real way.”
  • “Nobody would want to date me anyway.”
  • “All the girls online are messed up in some way – otherwise, they’d already have a boyfriend.”

Profile Fumbles:

A jaded dater is easy to spot because their profile includes these types of sentiments:

  • “I don’t know why I’m doing this…”
  • “My friends put me up to this…”
  • “I don’t want any more drama queens, baby momma’s, or gold diggers!”

In general, these types of lines scream, “Run away! Run away!” to your potential dream girl.

You Are What You Eat

If you’re feeding yourself this type of thinking, it will affect how you approach online dating and the results you get from it.   If this type of thinking is showing in your profile or your emails, you can expect to get a cold reception from the ladies.

The Rose Lens

There are good people on dating services – you’re there!

Sounds cheesy, right?

It is, but… think of why you’re doing online dating:

  • You are focused on school or your career.
  • You don’t do the bar or club scene.
  • You have already been set up with friends-of-friends.
  • Your regular activities don’t expose you to new people very often.
  • You are shy about approaching people out in public, so you’re more comfortable with emailing first.

Do these things make you a horrible person… nay, undateable?  Nope!

Your dream girl is online dating for the same reasons.  She’s out there waiting for you – so why don’t you don your rose-colored glasses and get out there to find her?

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